Valencia says he needs €180,000

Mr. Valencia himself is on a fund-raising campaign, as his  Munting Nayon school, which  is one of his main  sources of income  (he has never held a regular job nor a business) is  in dire straits. It had been ordered  closed January 2010 by the Education Ministry because its poor facilities threaten  children’s safety.
Valencia has [...]

Why Valencia and Goutas want Tiglao out

In the past year I have received many inquiries regarding the legitimacy a “Philippine Cultural and Educational Association” (PCEA) whether it is indeed a school authorized by the Philippine government, the Greek government, or both.

The queries are quite valid and need to be answered, since I had been informed that the students are charged from €100 to €150 a month each, which would total €10,000 a month in income for PCEA.

Our countrymen needed to know the legitimacy of this entity, as indeed, they would be wasting their money if the grades of PCEA are neither recognized by our Department of Education and by the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs.

Ambassador Meets with Athens Mayor Kaklamanis

Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao met with Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis 6 July at the Mayor’s office to discuss the welfare of Filipinos in Athens, where most of them reside and work.
Ambassador Tiglao was accompanied by celebrity Ilias Psinakis and his brother Yorgos Psinakis, both of whom have been active in developing relations between Greece and [...]

Two Big Independence Day Celebrations in Athens

The Philippine Embassy marked the 112th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence with two major, well-attended events in Athens: a fiesta-type celebration with the Filipino community at the Fokianos basketball court at Zappeio on 06 June 2010 and a Diplomatic Reception for the diplomatic corps at the prestigious King George Palace on 11 June 2010, both in central Athens.

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BusinessWorld feature: “The Tenacious Mr. Tiglao”

An article featuring Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao in the 6 July 2010 anniversary issue of the Philippines’ premiere business newspaper, BusinessWorld. Ambassador Tiglao started his journalistic career in 1982 at Business Day, the predecessor entity of BusinessWorld.

Greece’s new law on citizenship and voting rights of migrants

Because of the many inquiries received by our Embassy, and as a service to our nationals, we saw it fit to translate Greece’s new “Law 3838″ which revises “provisions on the acquisition of Greek citizenship and the political participation of Greeks abroad and migrants who legally reside in Greece.”


2010 Philippine and Greek holidays (Embassy closed)

Listing of Philippine and Greek holidays when the Embassy is closed. Consular services are also not undertaken every Wednesday in order for our staff to properly process consular documents.